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Sunday Sauce
an Authentic, Gourmet Pasta Sauce
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For Italians, every Sunday is a celebration for life, love and family. The Rosamonda family gathered at our parents house every Sunday, kids played, men drank Chianti and women cooked. Laughter and conversation echoed through the halls of our home. The food was spectacular!!! The best red sauce with all of the Italian favorites, pasta, meatballs, sausage, lasagna, and much,much more.  

Christmas Eve is our biggest celebration. As Mama passed Christmas Eve to me, I continued the tradition at my home. For the last 30 years, I hosted an open-house Christmas Eve party for all my family and friends. For years, my family and friends told me I should bottle my pasta sauce. For years, I laughed and never acted. Until now!  

For the last 30 years, I have transformed my mother's traditional homemade sauce into the perfect 21st Century sauce. You can now experience and taste my Christmas Eve celebration every day.
What makes my Sunday Sauce so special?  

Impeccable Quality.  When opening the jar, your senses will explain why our Sunday Sauce is the finest pasta sauce on the market.  The ruby red color, pure heart warming aroma, and homemade flavor and thick texture represents the best in Italian tradition. Fine dining or every day, Sunday Sauce is great for all occasions. “It is our Sunday best, nothing less.”  

Delicious Gourmet Taste. We do not use added tomato juice, puree or water as fillers for our sauce. Our recipe and all-natural ingredients produces a pasta sauce that is far superior than restaurants and grocery competitors.  

Our Fresh, All-Natural Concept. "One Sauce, Lots of Love" is our motto. Our gourmet sauce can be used as a great base for many other flavored sauces. Don't buy flavored sauces with meat, vegetables or creams that has been soaking for months with preservatives. Instead, buy fresh local ingredients and combine with our Sunday Sauce for a variety of gourmet sauces and dishes. Add ground meat for a rich Bolognese sauce, vegetables for a splendid Primavera or Puttanesca sauce, seafood for Fra Diavolo sauce, or cream for a great Vodka sauce. Sunday Sauce is also great for parties, dipping mozzarella sticks or fried ravioli, pizza and subs. Be creative or use our recipes!!! 

Convenience.  Rosey’s Italian Gourmet provides you an abundance of classic Italian recipes on our website. Lasagna, eggplant parmesan, and chicken cacciatore made quick and easy with gourmet quality and flavor.