21 Rosedown Blvd
DeBary, FL 32713
Call us: 844.MR.ROSEY
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Carmine Rosamonda, Owner
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About Rosey's Italian Gourmet
Rosey's Italian Gourmet is a family-owned and operated right here in DeBary, FL.  We started our company in 2013, focused upon our only product, our Sunday Sauce.  We are committed to provide the highest quality, delicious jarred sauce in America.  I guarantee that this jarred sauce has the same finest ingredients and homemade taste that I serve at our table.   

For 30 years, my family and friends said I should jar my sauce.  I just laughed and never acted upon it.  Until now!  I am at the sunset of my first career and I can not think of anything more fun in sharing my love for food with you.  I personally make every jar.  

Come join my family and friends, and experience what they have tasted for the last 30 years.    We will ship it to you anywhere throughout the United States.  

Join our Rosey Sauce Club and we will assure you receive a reoccurring order at whatever frequency you desire.  
In this picture, taken in 2012, I am in  preparation of our annual Christmas Eve open house.  Over the last 30 years, I prepared our Sunday Sauce in this pot to make over 13 entrees every year.  Every year, I go through 3 of these pots of Sunday Sauce.  

Can you see the love in my face?